Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good morning officer

It's 8 o'clock and my day is already set off to be a bad one based on the series of unfortunate events happening. not only do i seriously hate every tuesday, thursday and saturday because i have to wake up at 4:30 am to go to work, but this morning I get pulled over by Rexburg police to top it off. I'm not even awake yet cause its hello 5 am, its like 0 degrees outside, and I'm already late for work officer!!!!  So I roll down my window and Mr. Power Trip walks on over to inform me that i rolled not one but TWO stop signs, and was speeding (which means going 30 instead of 25) speeding. I just play dumb but its early so i'm not fighten it too hard.  All I gotta say is thankyou to my california drivers license which explains maybe the reason i drive the way i do.  Power Trip comes back over to me saying 1. Save that kind of driving for California. 2. The California Roll doesn't work in Idaho. and 3. learn how to drive in the snow.  This is the 2nd time I've ever been pulled over, ever, and my sad little puppy face has done its job each time getting me out of it..YESSS!
Next thing....I'm sitting behind in the cage in the girl's locker room where i'm supposed to check out clothes to the people that come in.  But oops, I fell asleep for who knows how long and wake up to a group of girls just standing there staring at me in silence. Great. well that was awkward.  Good thing my bosses are men and cant catch me in these moments that hardly ever happen!(Sarcastic tone).
Anyways, I hope that I can make time and blog some more! Going to school full time, working two jobs, homework, studying and playing does not leave me with much time at the end of the day but i do love the feeling of being busy!


  1. WOW!looks like you have had a day! You need to teach me that face and maybe I can get out of all my responsibilities

  2. OMG I can't believe that! Pulled over, rolling 2 stopp signs, and getting out of it, you are lucky. And i laughed out loud when i read that you fell asleep at work haha. I can just imagine those girls standing there waiting for you to wake up. Hopefully you aren't like me and don't drool in your sleep.

  3. the police officers in rhode island are on a power trip too! glad you got out of it though--and like Whitney, I couldn't help but laugh when you fell asleep at work. I promise I've done it too ;) hope you had a great weekend! xoxo {av}

  4. Haha! Wow... I kept getting pulled over when I lived in California, and they never had a solid reason, so I started getting nervous. Glad to be done with the California cops, that's for sure! BTW, I've nominated you girlies for a blog award! :) Hehe! Congrats!