Monday, April 23, 2012

Time Well Spent

1)Easter and the loads of chocolates(particularly the bordeaus) that occupied my whole week, time and time again convincing me to have just 'one' more.

2) Spring Shopping finally came around! I blame my indecisive genes for our three hour trip at the mall that my poor mom had to deal with.

3) Hunger Games showing, which I must say was AMAZING! Came home that night and siked myself to read Catching Fire...within 24 hours.

4) Finally did something with my naked walls that have been staring at me for the past few weeks, and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

5) Made a visit to the Paris Train Station and took my first train ride, that I can remember.

 6) Went to Diamond Valley Lake with a beautiful view you don't see everyday. Hiking and I started on the wrong foot, but after the third time I tripped...well lets just say we are still working on it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I have been horrible at keeping up on blogging (sorry to my sisters!!) but I am going to try and start doing better....
The day I turned twelve I was so excited to wear mascara so that I could have long voluptuous eye lashes like my sisters.... only to find out that no matter how much mascara i put on, my eyelashes were still short and thin and nothing would do the trick! about 3 months ago my aunt and I discovered this new serum called "Li Lash" that we heard would help our eyelashes to grow. It's like a clear liquid eyeliner i put on once a day and I think it just might have solved my problem! (It's a lot cheeper if you have someone that's liscensed buy it for you).


SOO... for any of you that lack lashes... i definitely recommend this stuff!! It works within a few weeks and you can buy a tube that lasts either 4-6 months or 1 year..

1st month

3rd Month