Sunday, April 1, 2012


I have been horrible at keeping up on blogging (sorry to my sisters!!) but I am going to try and start doing better....
The day I turned twelve I was so excited to wear mascara so that I could have long voluptuous eye lashes like my sisters.... only to find out that no matter how much mascara i put on, my eyelashes were still short and thin and nothing would do the trick! about 3 months ago my aunt and I discovered this new serum called "Li Lash" that we heard would help our eyelashes to grow. It's like a clear liquid eyeliner i put on once a day and I think it just might have solved my problem! (It's a lot cheeper if you have someone that's liscensed buy it for you).


SOO... for any of you that lack lashes... i definitely recommend this stuff!! It works within a few weeks and you can buy a tube that lasts either 4-6 months or 1 year..

1st month

3rd Month

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