Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night....And that's all there is to mine!

8 things I do When I spend my Friday nights, off work, ALL ALONE!!!! :(    (-this is a sad, i'm feeling sorry for myself so i'm gonna write about it face)

1. Pace back in forth in the kitchen from refrigerator, to pantry, refrigerator, to pantry, and hope that something new will pop out and look good to eat every time I go back to it.

2. Turn off every single thing that makes noise in the house, even the tv, so its dead silent and I  can hear if anyone is trying to break into my house at anytime so I'll be prepared and armed...(We've had this happen before and oh you bet I was ready...ask one ever better break into this may involve some sort of dagger...Dad and McKenna may want to think twice next time they play a trick on me)

3. Facebook and Blog stalk.  Why not? I love seeing that everyone else is out doing something FUN and having a FUN friday, and having FUN......

4. Text all 3 of my older siblings to see what they are doing...and this is how the conversation went with Alyssa tonight:
Alyssa: Are you doing anything fun tonight?
Hayley: Laying on the couch cuddled up in a blanket with myself. What about you?
Alyssa: Same with me, but in my bed.
hahah...and then it proceeds to calling each other so we can at least be bored together! 

5. Go over all the things in my head a million and one times of what I need to do at work tomorrow...Since I basically live there, I can't get my mind to clock out of work when I clock out!! I hate it!!

6. Lip sync to demi lavato and wicked soundtrack...(McKenna told me she thought it was called "lip sing" sisters are so blonde

7. Paint my nails. Then repaint my nails.  And then one more time repaint my nails. 

8.  And lastly...create the life I will probably never have on pinterest.

Does anyone else out there have nights like these??? What do you do on your Friday nights when your all alone? I'm curious and could use some new ideas for my next one


  1. Sometimes nights like these are my FAVORITE as much as I hate to admit it! Enjoy your me time! One of my favorite things to do on a free night: run! Cute blog woman :)

  2. It's not lip sing??? Seriously didn't know that. I didn't get a text from you missy! Come stay with me we are moved in now.

  3. happy to have found this adorable blog :)!