Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanks Mommmaa!

So I thought its about time to give a lil' credit to the lady behind the camera this whole time! (look at her, she's such a model herself! )  This is my gorgeous mom, Melanie and she has such a talented eye for great photography. She uses a Nikon D700 but it's defiantly not just the camera that makes a picture look good, its the person behind it. My sisters and I are always overly willing to be her models any chance we can get. literally. Sooo thanks to her, we have some great quality pictures to post for our blog! If you're ever needing a photographer...let us know and we'll pass the word on to her :)


  1. I totally agree with everything that you said!!

  2. how your mother looks so amazing after birthing SEVEN kids is beyond me. please pass the magical youth and beauty elixir!

  3. I must say you are blessed to have a wonderful talented mother who will give all her time and love to her children. Sweet tribute!!