Friday, December 30, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta wait...and waitt

First off I would like to say that I was completely fooled by the words "Car Shopping" thinking that it would fun. I never ever ever want to do it again! Car shopping is like a bad relationship. Right when I think I found a good one, looks good, price is good, everything about it seems perfect, it lets me down and doesn't work out. Constant rollercoaster! This happened over and over again these past few months and I have literally waited up until the last minute for the right one to come.  I am leaving to go back to school this weekend and have planned on my car that I didnt know if I would have to get me back to school, and drive me to and from the jobs I will be working.  Right when I start reconsidering my options, thinking about now flying back to school, and quitting both my jobs, the absolute perfect car came into play  just days before I need to leave,  thanks to an amazing person who has helped me out so much. I think the lesson I was supposed to learn for this year is it's always on the Lord's timing, never my own. 

Happy New Year!!!


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  1. Do happy you found it, it fits you perfect. And these photis mom took of you are gorgeous! And yes i am commenting from paradise right now, thats how much i love you