Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY:Sparkles and Pearls

So I found this gold speckled material in the back of my closet and instantly knew what I was going to do with it!
Lets begin.....
Step 1: Cut material about 24 in long and 3/4 in. wide
(Hint: smaller the size, smaller the rose)

Step 2: Tie a knot at the end and cut off the access material

Step 3: Cut out a piece of felt into a circle, and glue the knot in the center

Step 4: Begin to wrap the material around the knot, hot gluing while you go to keep material in place. Depending on what look you are going for, twist (loosely or tightly) to add texture to the rose.

Step 5: After you have twisted all the way around, cut any extra material.

Step 6: Once you've repeated steps 1-5 about ten times, cut out a felt bib-shaped necklace.
Then begin to glue the flowers on, leaving few empty spaces.

Step 7: This next step is optional, but I feel it brings the whole necklace together. As I was making the necklace I saw this old Pearl bracelet and felt like it would look much better as a necklace. After I hot glued them on, I used a chain (ribbon works too) and glued the ends to the back of the felt. And Vualla!!!! You now have your new 'Sparkles and Pearl" necklace.



  1. Really cute! You've got talent ;)

  2. that is so incredibly beautiful! now if only i had one inch of craftiness in my body, i would make something like this. it's SO adorable! and you are gorgeous girl!
    xo TJ