Friday, November 4, 2011

My Walmart Embarrasment

Now lets be honest, Walmart is the place to go to when you want the best deals, right? But the risk of going to Walmart is being surrounded by white trash. Yes is said it WHITE TRASH! And even though we all shop there, it's more often than not we see 'unique' human beings we regret looking at. If you don't believe me, check out, and see it for your selves. And trust me you will not be disappointed!  Soooooo, last night Hayley and I had some last minute shopping to do, and where was it at? WALMART!! Thinking I would blend in with my surroundings, I wore my very unfashionable pajama pants that have lived for over 5 years, and have been worn by all 3 of my sisters (sisterhood of the traveling pants). They are ripped and have a black hand print smack dab on the right butt cheek, attractive right? I had no make-up, hair looking like a rat's nest, and just a sports bra under my sweatshirt!! So we walk into Walmart and I thought the coast was clear, until I see people I know in  every corner of the store. I can honestly say it was more awkward than going to school thinking it was crazy hair day, but that's a different story. We were in candy isle when I started to get hot, so I began to pull down the zipper of my jacket and realized after I am just wearing a sports bra! And with my luck a creepy man was looking right in my direction, taking notice to my ugly white belly. We were in there for a few minutes yet it felt like a few hours. Hayley wouldn't even walk next to me cause she was embarrassed by my appearance! Isn't she an amazing sister? We get home, and I soon find out that she took a pic of me (picture above) and posted it on facebook! I am sure you all have some interesting stories at Walmart you are dying to share, and you are more than welcome to tell!
Can't wait to hear!

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