Sunday, November 20, 2011

SURPRISE!! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!...and it's a week early

This last week has been super exciting for me and full of unexpected surprises.. since I am usually the one that likes to put them on at this time of year, like telling my family I can't come home to Ca and then showing up at the door step(but for reals I'm not coming home this year)! Surprises are my favorite unless, I know there is one coming and I can't figure it out! A few weeks ago a student in the 5th grade class I teach in asked when my birthday was and I said it was during Thanksgiving Break and she responded.. "You have to get US something for YOUR birthday!!" I was a little confused because last I checked, Myyy birthday was supposed to be a time where I GET presents, not give them! So this last Thursday I show up to the school and one student in my class yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. WIlSON" across the parking lot while the other one said "SHUT UP, YOU'RE GONNA RUIN THE SURPRISE!"
I walked in the classroom and there were decorations and happy birthday posters all along the walls and cards and presents piled up as the students came to class. I could not believe it! I am so grateful for each of these kids and how special they made me feel! It was the best birthday ever ...I received a wide variety of presents: a student's great great great grandmother's ornament (hopefully they had their parent's approval to give to me) to hand made necklaces, to rice crispy treats from their lunch box if they weren't able to bring me something. I just love how these little kids can bring me so much happiness and how loving they are!

After that, I figured that was the end of surprises (considering it is a week early) my roommates Carly and Mariah decided we 3 should all go out for an early birthday dinner on Saturday... little did my little naive self know that they had planned to have a group of our friends surprise me down in Idaho Falls at Olive Garden.... Such a fun night!

Lastly....After coming home from an eventful night, they gave me an early birthday present.. footie pajamas!! I don't think I have worn a pair of these since I was a newborn! So we decided we wanted to have a PJ Party to end the night off...

I love these girls a ton and am so thankful for everything they have helped me through and done for me! We have all grown so close these last 4 months and they have made my last semester the best one ever! It's hard being away from my sisters for months at a time but I'm so lucky to have temporary ones that take care of me while I am up at school!! LOVE YOU CAR CAR and "Brick"(Mariah)!!


  1. happy birthday alyssa! looked like a ton of fun! i love those pj's! we bought some a few winters ago they are soo comfortable!

  2. Aww that is so cute that your students did that for you! I bet they loved having you. And I'm glad your roommates are taking good care of you! Love you!

  3. Is that Mariah Gough! We grew up together! I'm friends with your sister Hayley.