Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Weekend

 I am so grateful for three story Forever 21's! This Veterans Weekend we took a trip down to Riverside to shop in Heaven's closet, also known as the three story Forever 21. I couldn't help but dread over the things I desperately needed (or wanted). Shopping there was a life changing experience in my world, and a day I will remember for a lifetime. Afterwards we to took a trip to Sephora to paint our nails. You know the workers get annoyed when they stare at you for twenty minutes, and then ask you if you need any help. I really needed her to paint my other hand, but that would be somewhat awkward. It was so weird hearing Christmas music already playing, event though Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet and I couldn't be happier with all of this cold weather! Summer was way too long this year, with 105 degree days and ugly brown hills in need for water. And now with all the rain we have received, I can finally bring out my coats and boots for the fall! 


  1. Outfit is absolutely adorable! And I can't stand Sephora employees. They always make me feel awkward, especially since I'm that girl that takes on hour to pick out one shade of eyeshadow, lol.

    Along Abbey Road

  2. Love this outfit! so cute!