Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 styles...3 curls...3 minutes

The headband rap

Sock bun

The one and only french braid
Headband rap: Thanks to pinterest I have learned a few ways to curl my hair with no iron!!!! The tutorial for the headband rap you can find here. Out of all the other iron free curls, I have to say this one is my favorite. Since my hair is so thin, when I take the headband out in the morning it turns into Taylor Swift curls. I do have to do a few touch ups when I wake up in the morning, but in the end I don't damage my hair nearly as much! I wish I could have taken the after pictures for all the styles, but in later posts I will show the results.

Sock Bun: I feel, the sock bun works best on thick hair. Whitney posted on her blog how her hair turned out, and it looks amazing!! My results didn't turn out nearly as well as hers did, but I think it was because my hair was really damp when I did it. I again found how to do this through pinterest here.

French Braid: I LOVE the way the french braid turns out! Depending on how tight you make the braid, will effect the crimp. I spray my hair with a squirt bottle when it is dry, and then braid it tight. I sleep on it just like the others, and when I take it out it is pretty waves that stay in all day! You can add gel if you want, but I definitely recommend hairspray!! After a couple weeks of practice, I finally can french braid my hair on my own, but if you can't, start by practicing on someone else.
I hope you enjoy these few ways of curling your hair, and feel free to email or tell us how your hair turns out.

p.s. I'm linking up to All things Lovely where you can check out other pinterest recreations :)


  1. i'm with you.. although i have REALLY thick hair, and LOTS of it. number 1 has turned into a favorite of mine, and the curls are awesome. the sock bun, not so much.. but i think it's because mine was also too damp. i thought it didn't work well for me though because i have TOO much hair, that it just didn't disperse the curl well..? maybe not? anyway, thanks for the review, now i don't feel crazy for trying everything i see on pinterest. (:

  2. Absolutely LOVE your blog!!! You sistas are GORGEOUS! And, so sweet that you all do a blog together. Lovin' all the hair looks . . . you have a new follower!! :) Can't wait to check out more of your blog!

  3. LOVE IT!! and the head band wrap is AMAZING. i think i must try. You pull it off so well!

  4. Oyyyy that's the most awesome thing I've seen all week. And I've seen some pretty awesome things. Definitely trying this!

  5. The headband wrap looks pretty cute, even without it undone as curls :)

  6. wow i like all of them! they lookpretty hard to do though! lovely blog! def. coming back!