Sunday, October 2, 2011


I Whitney would like to introduce:
Hayley, where do I begin?
How about when we were kids and I could never win
Hayley’s a fighter and always will be
It’s only a problem when she’s fighting with me

I was the older sister, which meant I was in charge
Except with Little Hayley who wouldn’t barge

Hayley has grown up to be the Wilson top model
I wish I had her secret, I’d store it in a bottle
She has such a great fashionable style
Everything looks great on those legs that are a mile

After High school she went off to BYU-I
In search of an education AND the perfect guy
She has met a few that were such hotties
Every single one had really nice bodies

She is a catch and not anyone will do
We love her so much and know you will too!

Right now she’s the Assistant Manager at Pac Sun
She’s working hard and saving a ton.
I’m so glad that I have Hayley as a sister
When she returns to BYU-I ‘m really gonna miss her.

But luckily we have weekly Skype dates
That often keeps me up so very very late
This blog is a way to keep us in touch
And share all things girly that we love so very much.

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