Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Volleyball Begins!

League has finally started!!! These past few months playing volleyball have made my freshman year amazing!! There are 16 girls on my team and each girl I love. My position is setter and other than the dark purple bruises that I get after every practice, it is great! But hey in my opinion it kinda looks tough don't you think? But just recently we played at a tournament and our team took first place! At the end they handed out awards and i got MVP over the entire tournament. Everybody was congratulating me, and I felt so lucky to get this award other than the fact I had no idea what it meant! I regret asking anyone because I'm going to be made fun of for my entire life for thinking it stood for "Miraculous Volleyball Player" when it really stands for "Most Valuable Player." During those moments you can tell that I'm a blonde from the heart.
But volleyball has been apart of me for most of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I went to Whitney's, Alyssa's, and Hayley's volleyball games watching on the sidelines cheering them on. Now here i am on the court being the one cheered at. It really goes to show that time does fly and i'm cherishing every moment of it!

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