Sunday, October 2, 2011


It’s Hayley here!  First off, I’m sooo soo excited to start this blog with my sisters.  I have been wanting to do a blog for a while now but I feel like just my life by itself would be kind of boring to talk about…SO now it should be much more interesting! It’s my pleasure to introduce one of my best friends, my sister Alyssa. Alyssa is 21 (almost 22) years old and finishing up her last semester at BYU-Idaho where she will have earned a degree in Elementary Education.  I can’t think of a better career for her given that she is one of the most caring, sincere, and selfless girls I’ve met. Those of you who know her, know this to be true.  Growing up, and even now, Alyssa has always been the one to give people a good laugh with her randomness, and out of the blue comments.  There’s never a dull moment with her. Never.  (we’ll save some of these stories for later).  Another thing about her is her optimism.  She has a positive attitude towards everything and if she is having a bad day, you would never know it behind her constant smiling face.  Alyssa and I were able to live together up at school for our last semester we’d both be there together and that was the time I had never appreciated her more.   From the times when she bought me all my groceries,  to driving me to school and back and buying me lunch,  to scratching my back for an hour during church (without me even asking!), and to have her come in my room when she could tell something was wrong and would just sit on my bed next to me and play with my hair and comfort me.  These are just a few out the MANY nice things Alyssa has done not just for me and my sisters, but for so many others as well.  It will become very evident in her posts of what an amazing girl she is.  She will make one lucky boy very happy one day   

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