Saturday, October 8, 2011


I was so excited earlier this week to finally see the first signs of the fall weather! I am seriously so drained from this ridiculous southern california heat and have been asking myself everyday this 100 degree plus summer why I live here. Yes, of course the beach is great, but it's not like I'm able to go to it everyday...(unless your whitney and chad). I think I have been a little too excited for it to cool down because i broke out the boots and long sleeves a month ago while everyone else has been in there shorts and flip flops. Cold weather is the FUNNEST to dress for! I LOVE IT! Now's the time to wear your burnt oranges/yellows, reds, dark purples, and browns... And that's why I am going to share with you my 5 favorite fall fashions for this year!

1st:  Baggy Sweater: I love the comfy, laid back look. Can't find a baggy sweater you like? Don't worry. find a normal sweater you Do like, and buy it in an extra large! (Don't make fun of me, that's what I did for the sweater I am wearing:) can buy it here.

2nd: Riding Boots!: These were probably one of the best purchases i've made. I remember when I first bought these boots i'm wearing, a year ago, and one of my sister's ( i won't name any names but it rhymes with whitney) thought they were a little much, and now I believe she has a couple pairs....mmmhmmm.

3rd: Chunky Scarves: I want THIS one here, and probably will get it in every single color since I will be going to Antarctica, aka the land of Rexburg, Idaho in just a couple months.

4th: KNIT DENIM LEGGINGS...if you haven't tried these on before, DO. When did wearing jeans become just as comfortable as pajamas??

5th: Turquoise & caicos essie nail polish.

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do...If I'm missing out on any other fun fall fashions..Please fill me in!



  1. LOVE the burnt orange sweater on you! And thanks for the fashion info.!
    I need all the help I can get and I love getting help from my favorite teenage nieces! I would love to have you do cute hairstyles next!

  2. Those are all my favorites about fall fashion as well!

    Um, can I just say your blog is ADORABLE!? You and your sisters are gorgeous and have amazing style! I am so following this blog! I love it!

    Come by and say hi sometime! I'm excited to be bloggy pals :)

    Along Abbey Road
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  3. I LOVE THIS HAYLEY! You have such great fashion ideas! And it's not hard on the wallet either! Keep giving great fashion advice! I'm going shopping soon!!! woohoo!!


  4. I am first time on your blog and I have to say that I love your style. You're beautiful and have an amazing taste!

  5. I LOVE this blog!! You girls are so cute!! I always wanted sisters! haha I got four brothers instead but I'm not complaining :) I love them to the moon!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Buttons & Pockets! This outfit is sooo cute! I can't wait for real fall weather to come here!!

  7. this outfit is hot. and i kid you not, because of this cute blog, my sisters and i have decided to join forces on one too for fun. that's how awesome you are.