Sunday, October 2, 2011

Presenting.....Mckenna Renee!

Her Name is McKenna,
for short we call her Ken,
She's already had so many accomplishments

I don't even know where to begin.

I'll start with her grade,
she just became a freshman
made the volleyball team,

Then was chosen captain.

She's involved in student body

and participates in all activities,
Ken is class president,
So she plans lots of festivities

With her stylish hair and nails
to her cute shoes and clothes,
You can't help but ask her
"Hey where did you get those??"

Although she is a teenager

(no need to say more)

Ken is loved by all those who come in contact with her
She is sweet, she's a crack up and never a bore.

Singing, she's a natural

what doesn't she do?
Sew, piano, makeup,
yes.. she does all that too!

Although she's a lot younger,
Ken has been a great example to me.
She's helpful and rarely ever complains

Wherever she is asked she will be.

I love this girl so very much
Living far away makes me miss her...

she may be a little taller,

but will always be my little sister!

~written by: alyssa~

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  1. very cool guys, goodluck with it - cant wait until the next post :) Kayla. x